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Justin Russo
Justin Russo
Very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend them for a duct cleaning service and will use them again in the future. Thanks!
Edwin “Ezzy Wezzy08” Deuna
Edwin “Ezzy Wezzy08” Deuna
Had my Furnace cleaned and sanitized about a week ago,noticed the difference already once they are done with the cleaning.They also did some extra mile cause they notice that something block on one of the vents and heat is not coming. Will recommend them . thanks again
shawn a
shawn a
Hassle free and fast
sabrina cristiano
sabrina cristiano
KW Duct Cleaning is a very professional brand! I used their services at my company's property, and they were quick and efficient. We needed the project done quickly, and they were very responsive and made the timing work despite being in busy season. They also gave me some tips on keeping things clean, and advised me of some other issues so they could take care of them in advance. Overall great service - will use them again for other properties!
Anton Smolski
Anton Smolski
KD were thorough and professional, and afterwards left lots of helpful tips on how to maintain and operate the heating system. will definitely use their services again.
Moe Ali
Moe Ali
Great service at an amazing price, the two gentleman were great about not walking though the house with their shoes on and did a great cleanup before they left.
Ian Jo
Ian Jo
I scheduled an appointment for duct cleaning and they arrived on time as promised. Unfortunately because of the unusual configuration of my furnace/ductwork they were unable to do a full cleaning job on the ducts. We agreed on a partial cleaning at a reduced price and I was happy with the outcome. Jay and partner were courteous, efficient and easy to talk to and I'd recommend them to anyone (with normal duct configuration).
Raman Kajla
Raman Kajla
Service was fantastic. Team was very professional and very friendly. Definitely would recommend. He was efficient and very respectful . He was on time and job completed perfectly. Definitely recommended
kamal kimatrai
kamal kimatrai
The two technicians were very skilled and professional. Great customer rapport. Highly recommend them.
Tara Watt
Tara Watt
Very thorough and informative. They were clean, and our house smells amazing from being disinfected. I would highly recommend.

Oakville Duct Cleaning Services

Over time, your air ducts can accumulate a significant amount of pollutants, affecting the air quality in your living or workspace.

Duct cleaning is a process that involves the removal of dirt, dust, and debris from the heating and cooling system of your home or office.

Hire Air Duct Cleaning Professionals So Your HVAC System Isn’t Compromised!

Air Duct Cleaning: Why You Need It?

If you are in Oakville and looking for why you need air duct cleaning, Oakville, then here are some reasons:

Improve Air Quality:

The air quality in your living or workspace can be negatively impacted by the accumulation of dirt, dust, and allergens in your air ducts. When the HVAC system is in use, these pollutants are circulated throughout your home or office, which can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions.
Having your air ducts cleaned regularly can help improve the air quality by removing these pollutants and making your living or work environment healthier.

Increase HVAC Efficiency:

Over time, the buildup of dirt and dust in your air ducts can cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should.

This can result in increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. By having your air ducts cleaned, you can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, reduce energy consumption, and save money on your utility bills.

Extend the Life of Your HVAC System:

A well-maintained HVAC system can last for many years. However, neglecting regular maintenance, such as air duct cleaning, can cause your HVAC system to wear out more quickly. By having your air ducts cleaned, you can extend the life of your HVAC system and save money on costly repairs or replacements.

Reduce Odors:

A buildup of mold, dust and other pollutants in your air ducts can cause foul odors in your living or workspace. Regular air duct cleaning can help eliminate these odors and make your environment more pleasant.

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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services in Oakville

Looking for the best Air Duct Cleaning Services Oakville? Look no further than KW Duct Cleaning – a trusted family-owned business. We know that your family’s health is your top priority, and we’re here to help you breathe fresh, clean air while reducing your utility bills at the same time.

Our comprehensive duct cleaning, Oakville, Ontario, includes cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection. With our help, you can enjoy a healthier living or work environment free from pollutants and allergens. Don’t wait any longer to improve your indoor air quality – contact us today to schedule your air duct cleaning appointment with the leading Oakville duct cleaning service provider – KW Duct Cleaning.

How Does It Work?

At KW Duct Cleaning, we follow a proven and effective process to provide you with the best air duct cleaning services in Oakville. Here’s how we do it:


Our team will start with a thorough examination of your air ducts. We’ll look for possible damage, leaks, or other issues affecting the cleaning process. We’ll also check for signs of mold, dirt, or debris that may be accumulating in your air ducts. If we identify any issues, we’ll provide you with a detailed report and recommend repairs or maintenance.

Cutting Access Doors

To clean your air ducts properly, we need to access them from various points. We will cut access doors as required, which will be sealed after cleaning to ensure the integrity of your air ducts.

Connecting Equipment

Once we have access to your air ducts, we’ll connect our high-power vacuum devices to the hoses to perform the cleaning process. Our powerful vacuum devices can remove dislodged dust and debris from your air ducts, using air compressors at around 400 PSI to ensure complete removal of dust, debris, and lint. Our trucks have high-power vacuums of up to 20,000 CFM, ensuring the cleaning process is fast and efficient.


After we’ve cleaned your air ducts, we’ll use a sanitization process that removes 99% of foreign substances and debris. We use high-quality sanitizers that are safe for your family and pets and leave your air ducts free from bacteria, mold, and other harmful contaminants.

At KW Duct Cleaning, we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality air duct cleaning services. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that your air ducts are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. Contact us today to schedule your air duct cleaning appointment with the best service provider in Oakville.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts?

The frequency at which you should clean your air ducts depends on several factors:

  • Age and condition of the home
  • Number of occupants in the home
  • Presence of pets or allergy sufferers in the home
  • Smoking in the home
  • Recent renovations or remodeling work
  • Frequency of furnace use
  • Level of outdoor air pollution in the area
  • Whether the house is located near a construction site or a busy roadway

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that you have your air ducts cleaned every three to five years. However, if you have pets, allergies, or other health concerns, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned more frequently, such as every one to two years.

It’s also a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned after any significant renovations or remodeling work, as the dust and debris generated during construction can clog your air ducts and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system.

The best way to determine how often you should have your air ducts cleaned is to consult a professional duct cleaning service. They can assess your situation and recommend the most appropriate cleaning schedule for your home or office.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for duct cleaning Oakville, then here are the reasons why you should choose KW duct cleaning to get your ducts cleaned:

Complete Duct Cleaning Solutions

We offer a full range of air duct cleaning services, including duct cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection. Our team of experts uses advanced techniques and equipment to ensure that your air ducts are completely free of dust, debris, and other contaminants. We seal all access doors and provide before-and-after photos to ensure you receive a thorough and effective cleaning.

Top-Rated Service

Our customers love us! We have a track record of providing excellent customer and high-quality duct cleaning services. Our team is professional and courteous and always goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work.

State-of-the-Art Latest Equipment:

At KW Duct Cleaning, we use the latest and most advanced equipment to provide the most effective and efficient cleaning services. We have high-power vacuums and air compressors that can handle even the toughest cleaning jobs.

International Standard Techniques:

We follow international standards and best practices in our duct cleaning processes. Our team is trained in the latest techniques and methods to ensure we deliver the highest quality service to our customers.

Breathe easier and ensure the health of your loved ones with our comprehensive air duct cleaning services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the KW Duct Cleaning difference.

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