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Professional Duct Cleaning Services 

We offer comprehensive residential duct cleaning services. When you call us we will ask you some questions regarding your home and HVAC system to better understand your needs. This will help us understand the services you require and help you get an all-inclusive quality service.

Why us?

For almost 20 years, residents in Kitchener and Waterloo have been referring and trusting in our professional, courteous and efficient services. Our technicians perform a comprehensive air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning to ensure both your heating and cooling system operate at its best efficiency.

Air duct cleaning service

We have a unique skilled and professional team of technicians who are dedicated to providing excellent quality of work and great customer service. Our team is committed to improving indoor environments and air quality for home owners and their families.

Furnace cleaning service

Furnace cleaning should be done before the winter. Cleaning your furnace will increase air flow, furnace efficiency and a clean burning flame.
Our furnace cleaning services will get rid of dander, dirt and other residue buildup accumulated over the previous months.

Dryer vent cleaning service

A dirty and clogged dryer vent is a safety hazard, therefore, dryer vent cleaning is recommended by fire departments to prevent fires.
Our team of technicians will remove the lint buildup from dryer vents using powerful reversed air compressors technique.

Clean bathroom fan service

Bathroom fans are often overlooked. These fans will often breakdown due to dust and lint build up. Our specialists will get them to a state of cleanliness and get them to function efficiently and create a clean environment for your loved ones.

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Our Services

We use our powerful vacuum truck to suction dust, construction debris and pretty much anything else that might be stuck in your ducts.
We also open and clean your hot and cold air returns, this will improve the air flow through your home.

Cutting-edge equipment

We use state of the art vacuum equipment that offers high efficiency power of​ over 20000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) during the suction process we’ll blow down each vent with a powerful stream of air of 400 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).
Cleaning your air ducts helps reduce Asthma, Allergies, Heating Costs, and Dusty Homes amongst other benefits.

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