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M D.
M D.
July 21, 2022.
I didn't think I was ever going to look for this service or truly believed it made a big difference. So I was very wrong. I have a 100+ aged home and while it is easy to superficially dress up a house, there are things that are not to be neglected. Cleaning ducts and maintaining good air flow is one of them. I wanted to do a big clean & santize and Jay picked up right away when I called. That was a big plus. Then he booked a time the same week. I dont see this level of service often so this was a huge plus. The pricing was fair, the 2 gentlemen were respectful, ran a few minutes behind but nothing in contrast to other services. They did an efficient & thorough job. Just ensure there is room in driveway for the truck. They do a good job to find efficient access point. I had an appointment yesterday and within 24hrs, there is a big difference in the air quality. Thank you again for your prompt service!
Poli Oxrud
Poli Oxrud
June 8, 2022.
Reliable, good and thorough work done on both the duct cleaning and the dryer vent. The price is the best from all the other companies I checked, and definitely still provided quality professional job. Overall I'm happy with the service and I will use this company again in the future.
Mike Christou
Mike Christou
June 3, 2022.
If you are looking for your vents cleaned and sanitized these guys are what you are looking for. From the first moment I was impressed with them. They were courteous, on time, fast, and the price was right. I plan on using them again and will recommend them to my friends.
Kim Elliott
Kim Elliott
May 13, 2022.
Had our dryer vent cleaned - it’s only 2 years old but we do a fair bit of laundry and could see the build up at the vent screen outside. This was a great service, professional and polite team. Quickly cleaned from inside and outside and on a very hot day. Good experience with booking appt and they were on time (rare these days). Would highly recommend
Gail Thornton
Gail Thornton
April 28, 2022.
Jay and partner cleaned and sanitized my ductwork. I know it was very dirty, and I immediately noticed a difference. The air smelled cleaner and lighter (if that’s possible!). No longer a stale and “old house” smell. I highly recommend having this done in your home! They were fast and professional and very pleasant and courteous. Extremely good price for a healthy home environment. Thank you Jay. So happy with the results!
October 21, 2021.
Jay and his team were professional, efficient, friendly and a pleasure to deal with! They wore masks and gloves throughout the entire service and were able to get the job done quicker than promised, which was much appreciated. My house is only 2 years old, but the ducts were never cleaned after it was built. As a result there was a build up of construction debris in them. I have already noticed less dust in my house since Jay cleaned everything out! I highly recommend getting it done even if your house is new. I am very pleased with the service, it was a great value and they did an excellent job. Thanks again
Cory Battler
Cory Battler
October 21, 2021.
Had my Duct's, Furnace and Dryer vent cleaned just under a week ago. Great price, Very professional and will 100% use them again. I can't even imagine how much Lego came out of our vents. I was surprised my 40 yr+ home had never had the ducts cleaned. Thank you for doing such a great job and being professional!
Farshid Samimi
Farshid Samimi
August 26, 2021.
We have been using KW duct cleaning services for almost a year now , on average they do anywhere between 10-15 homes for us per month and we have never had any of our clients be unhappy .. infact it’s always the opposite we always hear positive feedback from all of our clients , Jay and his team always go above and beyond and deliver great results !! They are truly amazing ! Highly recommended!

Burlington Duct Cleaning Services

Your HVAC system breathes cooled and heated air into your homes through air ducts. But, if your home’s air ducts have not been properly cleaned for a substantial period of time, there is a possibility your indoor air quality has dropped.

Why? Because your air ducts get dirty over time. If not properly cleaned, they can compromise not only your health but also the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Hire Air Duct Cleaning Professionals So Your HVAC System Isn’t Compromised!

Air Duct Cleaning: Why You Need It?

Your air ducts supply air to your rooms. Over time dust, debris, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne contaminants build up in your air ducts and pollute the air fed to your rooms.

Condensation in your air ducts can add to the problem by triggering the growth of mould and mildew. Your health is in danger as air fed through these ducts can trigger asthma, allergies, and upper respiratory infections. (You may even start to notice a musty smell lingering around your home!)

These are all signs that its high time you hire a professional air duct cleaning service Burlington!

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services in Burlington

KW Duct Cleaning Services Inc. has been providing the residents of Burlington with professional air duct cleaning services for the past two decades. Family-owned and family-run, our team of duct cleaning specialists strives to provide you with a healthier living space. We take care of all your air duct cleaning, duct sanitizing, and duct disinfection needs so your loved ones can breathe cleaner air!

How Does It Work?

The standard air duct cleaning process is crucial for effective duct cleaning, and you need to hire a company that actually does it right. Someone in and out within an hour probably didn’t get the job done right.

We at KW Duct Cleaning Services Burlington take pride in having cleared out hundreds of air ducts in homes all over Ontario for the past twenty years. During this time, we have perfected the way we offer our services.

Here Is How We Do It:

To start, our team of professional air duct cleaners will perform an inspection of your ducts and HVAC system to fully assess the buildup and any damaged air ducts.

Cutting out Access Doors
We then cut out access doors in your ductwork. This is a prerequisite for proper air duct cleaning, so don’t be alarmed. These holes will be properly sealed after the process is complete. (Note, if access holes weren’t created during your latest air duct cleaning fixes, it’s likely your air ducts were never cleaned out properly.)

Connecting Equipment
These access doors will allow us to connect the vacuum device hoses so we can perform the cleaning process and remove dislodged dust and debris from your air ducts. Our trucks create high-power vacuums of up to 20,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) combined with powerful air compressors working at around 400 PSI (pounds per square inch) to ensure the complete removal of dust, debris, and lint.

As a part of our air duct cleaning service Burlington, we not only clear your air ducts but also sanitize them with biodegradable sanitizers that clear out 99% of bacteria, fungi, and disease-carrying insects. This is to ensure no underlying contaminants remain in your airways.

For More Insight On How We Clear Out Your Air Ducts, Contact Our Experts Today! 

How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts? 

According to experts, you should clean your air ducts once every two years or, at the latest, once every five years.

But how do you determine the right time for you?

According to experts, you should clean your air ducts once every two years or, at the latest, once every five years.
But how do you determine the right time for you?

  • If you own any pet(s)
  • If you have just built a new home
  • If you are moving into a new home
  • If you have children or residents with allergies
  • If you suspect chemical irritants have spread through your home
  • If you suspect an infestation of insects or rodents
  • If you were following a remodelling project

Why Choose Us?

KW Duct Cleaning Service Burlington is the trusted authority in Ontario for all air duct cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection needs. Here’s why you need to hire us today!

1. Comprehensive Air Duct Cleaning Services
We offer you full-service air duct cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection at highly affordable rates! Our professionals will study your air ducts and HVAC system to better understand your needs so you can give you the services you require.

2. Highly Recommended
Our testimonials are proof of the quality of our services; we are the trusted authority for air duct cleaning all over Burlington. Highly recommended and highly trusted; your satisfaction is our priority!

3. State of The Art Latest Equipment
We use state-of-the-art latest equipment and technology to provide you with 100% clean air ducts, contaminant-free and thoroughly disinfected!

4. International Standard Techniques
We are committed to providing you with efficient, effective air duct cleaning services. To meet this end, we employ industry-standard techniques in our duct cleaning processes.

Want More Insight On The Right Duct Cleaning Services For Your Home? Contact Us Today For A FREE Quote!

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