If you are a landlord or rental property owner in Kitchener, it makes a lot of sense to consider investing in professional duct cleaning as one of your many maintenance strategies. The reasoning behind this idea is that failure to clean them occasionally can cause dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens to accumulate in the HVAC system, leading to poor indoor environment quality for your tenants. This can mean bad business for you because they are likely to relocate and look for another rental property, where the landlord actually cares. Since you do not want to loose on important business, consider having them cleaned frequently. This article gives more insights regarding this type of cleaning for a rental property.

Promote Tenant Health and Comfort

Hiring cleaning services is a great idea if you have some rental properties because it boosts indoor environment quality by eliminating accumulated dust, allergens, and other contaminants that can be recirculated back into the rental houses. By reducing these compounds, you are able to ensure that your tenants do not suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies. This therefore means a healthier and cleaner living environment for the occupants. With these benefits, your tenants are likely to stay longer, which ensures occupancy over a long period. This in turn means more business for you.

If it has Been Long, Have Them Cleaned

The number of days that your rental property has gone without ductwork cleaning is crucial in helping you decide that it is now time to have them cleaned. Over time, they can end up accumulating a lot of dust, dirt, debris, and other allergens. If they go uncleaned for a long time, they are likely to cause health concerns to the occupants. Since you do not want any issues, it is good to have them cleaned immediately if it has been long before the previous cleaning. The recommended time to have them cleaned is between 3 to 5 years of use. However, it does not hurt to have them cleaned every year, especially if your rental property is busy. This will do you more good than harm and will have a huge impact on your overall return on investment in the long term.

Enjoy Better HVAC Efficiency

With time of continued use without cleaning, they can become clogged with dust, dirt, and debris, which will definitely obstruct proper airflow. When this happens, your HVAC system is forced to work harder. This in turn causes an increase in energy bills. To prevent this from happening, consider having them cleaned frequently. This helps unclog the system, ensuring proper airflow. The result is better efficiency, hence reduced energy bills. Rental properties can attract huge electrical bills, especially if the HVAC is not working efficiently. Prevent this from happening by scheduling a cleaning session from KW Duct Cleaning. 

Rental Property Maintenance

If you do other maintenance tasks such as electrical and plumbing, then you should also consider having ductwork cleaning as part of your rental property maintenance routine. Lack of cleaning them causes accumulation of particles, a situation that can have a great impact on indoor environment quality and hinder the performance of the HVAC system, attracting higher than normal electricity bills. By having the cleaning as part of your maintenance routine, you can prevent some of these issues. This will promote the health and wellness of your tenants while also ensuring durability of your system and the entire rental unit.

Cost vs Benefit. Is it worth it?

While the upfront cost can seem quite significant especially considering factors like system condition and type, plus the property size, the benefits still outweigh the minor downsides. Clean ductwork ensures a pristine indoor environment, which promotes overall comfort of your tenants. It also reduces energy bills because of improved system efficiency. These factors ensure occupants’ satisfaction, which in turn means more stay and hence more profit for you as the landlord. 

Running a rental property is no easy task. You have to ensure that your tenants are happy and comfortable at all times. Part of doing this entails having a clean and functional HVAC system. Among the many parts of this system is the ductwork. This is responsible for ensuring proper airflow and the system is able to trap contaminants and push them to the outside. When it is dirty, the system will not work effectively and will most likely recirculate bad components into different rooms. As a landlord, you need to show some level of care for your tenants and not allow this to happen. The best way to ensure this is to hire professional cleaning services from experts like the ones we have at KW Duct Cleaning.

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