The air vents in your home are showing signs of dust and dirt and you are planning to call in an air duct cleaning service in Ontario to improve the indoor air quality? Giving your air ducts maintenance uplifts the condition of your HVAC system and keeps it going for years to come.

But what is the right season for wiping the dirt out of your air vents?

Let ‘s find out!

Why is Spring the Best Season for Duct Cleaning?

Right after you say goodbye to winter and begin enjoying the moderate outdoor weather, it can be a good time to get your air ducts cleaned. The HVAC systems are mostly turned off during spring, making it a convenient cleaning time for homeowners.

Besides this, there are more benefits to hiring an air duct cleaning service during the spring season.

  • Clean the Winter Dust

The freezing winter season forces many to stay cooped up inside their homes with chimneys and heating systems running in full gear. Considering the increased indoor activity, the air ducts inside your home receive dust, debris, and soot. Spring is the best season to wipe out all the accumulated dust and debris during the winter. With the heating system turned off and the family out on a picnic, the air duct cleaning service will finish the work quickly and effectively.

  • Remove Allergens from the Home

Blooming flowers make spring all too special, but the pollens can enter your home and reach your air vents through the air. These pollens bring allergens and deteriorate the quality of the air. Planning the air duct cleaning towards the end of spring helps you boost the functionality of the HVAC for the coming season.

  • Wipe Out Pet Dander

Pets shed fur, which helps them transition their body from winter to spring, but this shedding process leads to increased pet dander and allergies around the house. Pet dander and hair get dispersed in the atmosphere and eventually find their way into the air vents causing allergies and sinus issues. But cleaning your air ducts towards the end of spring gives you cleaner air with no allergens to affect you in the coming season.

  • Why Is Fall the Best Season for Duct Cleaning?

Fall/autumn is another preferred season for cleaning air ducts. With temperatures going down the scale, homeowners will soon be bound to remain inside their houses. Thus, giving the air ducts pre-winter maintenance can optimize the system’s performance and keep them up and running during the winter season.
More benefits that make duct cleaning favourable during the fall include the following:

  • Prevent the Growth of Mold

Mold and mildew are common residents inside air vents. If you have been sniffing foul odours as you turned on your HVAC system, there are high chances your system is the source. Mold releases spores into your home atmosphere. This not only accelerates mold growth but also infects the environment inside the home. So, before the winter arrives and going outside becomes totally out of the question, schedule a duct cleaning service right away.

  • Boost the Efficiency of the System

During autumn, air cooling systems are shut down. As their demand is less during the fall, homeowners can save significantly on electricity bills. However, as soon as winter begins, the total on the bill increases. This is because your air cooling/heating system is forced to work harder to keep every inch of the house warm with all that accumulated dirt inside the air ducts. But cleaning your vents, registers, and furnace helps you save considerably on your energy bills. Giving air ducts a proper clean-up keeps the entire cooling/heating system robust.

KW Air Duct Cleaning Services Inc: Affordable and Reliable Duct Cleaning Service in Ontario

The transitional seasons, i.e. spring and fall, are often considered the best seasons for carrying out an air duct maintenance. However, if your air ducts are dirty and need immediate attention to perform effectively, they need a meticulous clean-up no matter what season, which is why KW Air Duct Cleaning Services offers its expert duct cleaning services in Ontario, all year round.

We extend our services to the residents of Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Burlington, Hamilton, and other surrounding areas. From professional cleaning experts to the use of quality equipment, you can rely on us for an outstanding duct cleaning service.

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