Your HVAC system consists of an interconnected air ductwork that supplies warm or cool air to the remainder of the house, all while filtering your air. However, you may notice unusual symptoms linked to your HVAC system, such as irregular air circulation, a surge in power bills, dust-gathering quickly over your home surfaces, or a musty smell coming from your air ducts. These are all signs that indicate your ducts require cleaning.

What is Duct Cleaning and Why Do You Need It?

Air duct cleaning means having the entirety of your air duct system and HVAC unit cleaned using professional air duct cleaning equipment. Air duct cleaning is by no means a DIY project. Only professional companies have the necessary equipment needed to deep clean your entire air duct system from all contaminants, safely. Moreover, such companies have the necessary skilled teams to operate the machinery.

Here is How It Works

The duct cleaning process may differ depending on the equipment used, but the concept is the same, essentially using high-power vacuums to dislodge and push out the debris and dust from the air ducts. Here is how it works:

  • Inspection of Ducts

In the first step, the company you hire will send over professionals to visually inspect the air duct system in your home. They will check all the access points in the duct system using a range of inspection tools.

Only after the inspection can they decide on the best way to clean out your air ducts. (Note that during the inspection, the technician will also be able to identify any issues such as leaks or cracks in your ducts and have them fixed up for you.)

  • Creation of Access Holes

Next, the team will begin the cleaning process. To start, they will need to create access holes on the main ducts for both the supply-side and return sides. These access holes are necessary to clean the air ducts since they will become entry points for the clean driving equipment. These holes are usually 7-8 inches in diameter; however, they will be closed off after the ducts are cleaned out.

Note that if the company you hire does not cut out holes in your ductworks, it’s likely your air ducts were not cleaned properly.

  • Employ Air Compressors/High Power Vacuums

The best way to clean your air ducts is to use high-power vacuums combined with powerful air compressors. These are usually connected to the access points that were carved earlier.

First, the technician will create negative pressure in your main ducts through a high-power vacuum system; this is to make sure that all particles inside the ductwork are cleaned out of the system. Here, motorized rotating brushes are used to ensure all the dust, dirt, and grime are cleared out. When the dust is comparatively agitated, the team will use air pressure on each register in your home one by one, blowing out the dust towards the main ducts to get sucked in by the vacuum system.

  • Sanitation

Sanitizing the air ducts is a step that not all air duct cleaners do, but it is an important step to reduce the chances of contracting airborne illnesses/diseases. Here, your air duct system will be sanitized against bacteria, viruses, and mold. This is because airborne diseases can always cause respiratory tract issues if they are carried through your air ducts.

  • Final Inspection

Finally, the technicians will finish up cleaning the entirety of your system and move on to the final inspection. The final inspection is one to make sure that nothing has been missed during this process. You should also oversee the inspection before and after cleaning to assess the differences for yourself.

Looking for Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Services in Ontario?

If you are a resident of Ontario looking for a reliable air duct cleaning service, consider hiring KW Duct Cleaning services. We have been working in the field for over 20 years, helping residents of the Ontario region breathe cleaner, contaminant-free air. We use industry-standard equipment and only biodegradable sanitizers to clean your air ducts. Our services cover all aspects of HVAC and duct cleaning.

Here is How It Works

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