Some of the most important duties in-home upkeep are sometimes overlooked. You may regularly change your home air filters and clean your gutters, but when was the last time you considered your dryer? A clogged dryer vent can cost you money, time, and even life. These ventilation systems must be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. 

Here are some indicators that your dryer vent isn’t working correctly. The first indicator is if your clothes take longer to dry than usual. Your laundry will need more cycles to dry if your dryer isn’t eliminating hot, moist air. If this hot air can’t escape, your laundry area, dryer, and garments may get unusually warm. If your clothes smell funny, your dryer may not be venting properly. In this article, we discuss several reasons to keep your vents clean.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

1. It Will Reduce The Risk of Dryer Fires. 

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, filthy dryer vents cause anywhere from 15,000 to 18,000 structure fires each year. The accumulation of lint alone is a calamity waiting to happen. Under the correct conditions, even something as innocuous as static electricity can swiftly ignite a large fire. Dryers that are overworked and close to overheating owing to clogged vents can easily blow a circuit and cause an electrical fire.

2. Cleaning Your Vents Will Help You Save Energy. 

Dust and debris accumulate in dryer vents over time. This reduces the amount of space that will allow expelled air to pass through. As a result, in order to stay functioning, the dryer must work harder and harder.

Of course, this demands a higher level of energy expenditure. So, if you want to save energy, clear out your dryer vent. A clear dryer vent allows expelled air to flow easily, putting less strain on the dryer and using no extra energy. 

3. Your Drying Time Will Be Reduced. 

The dryer will run less effectively the more lint it gathers in the vent. It will get the job done, but it will take a lot more effort. 

But it isn’t only a waste of energy. It will also take extra time. In fact, it may hinder garments or bedding from drying completely in a single cycle in rare circumstances. This may force you to keep a close eye on your dryer and run it in short bursts since if you don’t, your clothes and bedding will develop a musty odor and a dingy appearance. 

Don’t want to keep an eye on your dryer for several hours? It’s no problem. Instead, get your dryer vent cleaned, and you can put your wash load on hold until the end of the day.

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4. It Will Prevent Premature Equipment Failure. 

You’re putting needless strain on the dryer if you don’t clean your vent on a regular basis. The electronics that power every appliance on the market will eventually succumb to the effects of heat. Furthermore, a dryer that works harder than it needs to may wear down elements like bearings faster. Cleaning the dryer vent regularly will save you hundreds of dollars in dryer repair costs during the unit’s lifetime.

 5. It Will Keep Allergens Away. 

One of the problems with a clogged dryer vent is that water from damp garments gets trapped inside. Once trapped, this water attracts a variety of allergens, including mildew, dust, and much more. Unfortunately, these allergens can spread throughout your house over time. If you inhale them, you can get a cough, a rash, congestion, or another symptom. 

You don’t want to spend your days in an allergy-infested environment. You’ll be able to breathe easier after having your dryer vent thoroughly cleaned.

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