It’s very likely that you’ve been contacted before about duct cleaning and considered the idea of getting a scheduled cleaning for your air ducts. Having air duct cleaning for your home can improve air quality and even though we know this is a positive step, it’s important to understand the dangers of leaving your ducts uncleaned for too long. The poor quality of the air can cause a number of potential issues for your family. Here are some of the top issues that can arise if you fail to get your ducts clean at the appropriate time:


Fungal spores have a tendency to continue growing when they have implanted themselves in your vents. Stopping the spread of fungus often involves routine cleaning of your vents with a deep cleaning solution and ensuring that the fungi or mold does not have a chance to continue spreading throughout your vents. Mold and fungus have a tendency to continue growing in the vents because there’s excess humidity. Extremely harmful types of fungus include molds which can contribute to a series of health problems. If mold has the chance to grow in your vents you can experience a number of negative side effects including extra fatigue, ongoing headaches, the aggravation of asthma symptoms, congestion and cough, throat, eye and nose irritation and more. Mold will also continue to exacerbate the symptoms that you might have from allergies or other respiratory conditions. 


Various bacteria can grow very quickly in the vent system and if you have left your vents unclean for several years there’s a good chance that these bacteria can continue to spread into mildew or mold. If you notice a musty smell coming out of your vents there’s a good chance that mold has had a chance to grow. Ongoing bacteria growth will also spur on a series of smells which are extremely negative for your health. You may notice that the smell of bacteria will fade based on the temperature in your vents but the smell will often persist in your vents over time regardless. It’s likely that you’ll go nose blind to the smell over time and this can make your home smell  to many guests which can detract from the appearance and quality of your home. Working with a duct cleaning company will make sure your vents are able to stay clear, clean and that you can keep bacteria out of your vents.


The number of allergens that can stack up inside your vents over time can be staggering. You may be surprised to know the amount of dust and allergens that will build up over a long period of time. Just continuing to have dust circulating through your vents can wreak havoc if you have asthma or any type of allergy. The bacteria that is common in vents that aren’t regularly cleaned can also lead to greater instances of sinus infections and other issues if you get sick. Many people who get their vents cleaned for the first time experience overwhelming relief from their allergies. With regular vent cleaning you could experience less allergy symptoms like less runny noses, irritated eyes or breathing problems.

An invitation for pests:

When you don’t clean out your vents at the appropriate time, there is a chance that you could be making the perfect environment for pests and invaders to move their way in. Creating this invitation for various pests is detrimental for your home. Without regular vent cleaning you could have the perfect environment for pests like cockroaches, mice, insects and more. If various pests can be left unchecked to live in your vents, there is a good chance that your pest infestation can become larger and equate to a greater problem throughout your home.

 If you’re interested in preventing all of these potential problems, contact us today to schedule a duct cleaning appointment now. We can help with the best in routine and affordable duct cleaning in Kitchener, Water, Guelph, Cambridge, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

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