You have put in a fresh load of laundry, but your clothes come out damp for some reason. What might be the problem here? Why my dryer is not drying like it used to, you may ask. Running another cycle is not the right choice as it will put unnecessary pressure on your dryer and wreak havoc on your electricity bill. It is better to look for the root cause of your problem and fix the issue.

Reasons Why Your Dryer May Be Underperforming

There are several reasons why your dryer may be underperforming. Some have immediate fixes while others may demand time and money to resolve. Here is what could be causing your dryer to underperform:

⦁ You are Overloading Your Dryer

Your dryer is designed to support a set weightage of clothes in any drying cycle. You can check your manufacturer’s instructions to get a better idea of the drying times and load capacity. Generally, your dryer load should not exceed three-quarters (¾) of the inner space.

If you find your dryer taking long time to dry off clothes, it finishes its cycle but the clothes may still be damp or the dryer may shut off after a few minutes automatically, you may have overloaded it. You may also find your dryer taking multiple cycles to dry. All these signs indicate that you have overloaded your clothes dryer.

⦁ You May Have A Power Source Problem

If you are loading your dryer correctly, you should now inspect your power source. Is the dryer vent plugged in correctly? If it is, then you should inspect your power cords. You may also want to check if the outlet is receiving any power. If you notice a tripped circuit breaker, a crushed cord or any other electrical malfunctioning, you should contact a professional for inspection.

⦁ You are Not Using The Right Settings

Sometimes, your problem may simply be a user error. Look at the recommended settings provided by your manufacturer; have you followed them correctly? Dryer settings are designed according to the type of cloth you will be putting in, allowing you to fully dry your clothes in one cycle and save energy. For example, your towels absorb a lot of water but are delicate so they should be dried on low to medium heat rather than high heat.

⦁ Your Clothes are Too Wet

Is your dryer not drying clothes fully? Sometimes, the dryer may not be the culprit; look at the performance of your washer instead. If your washer leaves clothes too damp, the clothes will remain damp even after the full drying cycle. This is because dryers are meant to dry slightly damp clothes rather than sopping wet. Make sure that the washer is set with a spin cycle to remove excess water. You may also wring your clothes before putting them into your dryer.

⦁ Your Lint Trap is Dirty

Lint is the tiny stray bits of thread that can come loose from your clothing. A lint trap is a filter designed to stop this lint from travelling into your dryer’s exhaust pipe, potentially clogging it. But lint traps also need maintenance and care for optimized dryer performance. Ideally, you will want to clean out the lint trap with every load, but it is normal to forget it now and then.

If your dryer is underperforming, check the lint trap to see if it has become saturated with lint. Depending on the dryer, you may clean the lint trap whereas others may need to be replaced every time.

⦁ Your Dryer Vents are Dirty

Is your dryer not drying clothes but getting hot still? Sometimes, the culprit is the dryer vents and ductwork. Your dryer vents can also accumulate dust, dirt, debris and lint over time. If it over-accumulates, it may begin to block the normal flow of air. Clogged airflow can heavily impact the performance of your dryer, putting stress on your machine and causing it to overheat. It can also heavily increase the chances of a dryer fire.

Grab a flashlight and check the dryer vent intake. If you notice visible lint and dust gathering inside, it is time to schedule a professional air vent cleaning.

Have Your Dryer Vents Professionally Cleaned?

For best results, you should always rely on a professional or your dryer vent cleaning. KW Duct Cleaning has been providing professional dryer vent cleaning services for over 20 years. Reach out to our team if your dryer has been underperforming and get a free dryer vent inspection today!

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