We all love to open our windows and enjoy refreshing sunlight and the burst of fresh air during summer, but when it’s winter, most of us tend to keep the windows closed. This is due to many reasons. Keeping the indoor environment warm and comfortable is the most prominent one while many also like to do so to save on household energy use.

But like there are two sides to everything, keeping your windows constantly closed during winter has many disadvantages too. You might be surprised to know that opening the windows in winter has many benefits, especially health-related. So, let’s discuss the benefits of opening windows in winter.

Improves Air Quality

One of the most significant benefits of opening windows is improved indoor airflow and fresh air circulating in the home, which is vital for us no matter the season. It keeps us feeling fresh, alert and productive. If we keep our windows closed, we will be breathing stale air, which will only be bad for our health, mood and productivity. This need does not change with seasons. So, the best and the cheapest way to enjoy improved indoor air quality is to open windows no matter the season.

Reduces Your Risk of Getting Sick

It may seem beneficial to keep the windows closed in winter to improve energy efficiency and save on the bills, but when you or your family members keep getting sick, it will not do much for you.
You see, keeping windows closed also traps pollutants inside and hinders the free airflow; this enhances indoor air pollution and your chances of getting sick and catching allergies. This indoor air pollution can be caused by many elements, including chemicals in cleaning products, furnaces, unvented or malfunctioning stoves, paints, personal care items, etc. This can cause many health issues, especially lung and chest infections. By opening windows in winter, you can get those contaminants out and improve your indoor air quality.

You do not have to leave your windows wide open for long; opening the windows in winter for a few minutes daily will do the trick. You can easily balance energy conservation with health by opening your windows for as little as five minutes a day. You will love how doing this will considerably reduce indoor pollution and your risk of becoming ill.

Opening Windows in Winter Reduces Odour

As discussed earlier, keeping windows closed contributes to poor airflow and traps contaminants inside. This causes condensation problems and build-up in your house due to lack of fresh air, letting mould and many other toxins grow inside your home. When these contaminants cannot get out through freely circulating air, their accumulation causes odour. Of course, you would not want that. So, open your windows and get those contaminants out; you will love the fresh air keeping you and your home refreshed.

Delivers Many Amazing Health Benefits

Breathing fresh air has many health benefits. Breathing in stale air polluted with chemicals, dust, viruses, smoke and bacteria for an extended period can seriously damage your health. It can cause headaches, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and infections in your throat, nose and eyes.

By opening windows, you will help your lungs get the fresh air and clean oxygen they need for a healthy life, and you will also feel more alert and active. Although opening windows will assist drastically, you should make sure to get your air ducts cleaned before or during winter to improve indoor air quality.

How Often Should You Open Windows in Winter?

Experts recommend a daily airing period of five to 15 minutes. You can also do it for 20 minutes if you find the weather favourable. Though it is recommended to open windows daily, you can do it periodically if it is too cold outside. You can do the ritual every other day.

Air Duct Cleaning for Improved Airflow in Winter

Opening windows daily in winter, even briefly, can help you with so much. But if you want to ready your home for winter or find your air quality not up to the mark despite opening windows daily during winter, you should get your air ducts cleaned.

Give KW Duct Cleaning a call to schedule a free inspection, and we will make sure your ducts are thoroughly cleaned, allowing you to enjoy better airflow the whole winter.

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