Your new house has the picture-perfect rooms you’ve always wanted and the best floor plan, but have you checked your new house for a clean and healthy air system? Most of the time, when you get the HVAC system of your new home inspected, air ducts and vents are not given due care and needed examination. 

The air duct system is a complicated junction of narrow tubes and passages, and their cleaning involves the thorough removal of dust and contaminants within the ductwork. This also includes the registers and the diffusers. 

Importance of Clean Air Ducts 

To make sure the air you and your family will breathe is safe and clean, a detailed inspection of the air ducts system is a must. Let’s take a look at some of the primary reasons to clean air ducts and vents before moving into a new house: 

  • Providing a Clean Living Environment 

Poor air quality alters the environment of your house. The dirty ducts become the reason for the harmful bacteria and germs throughout the house, which eventually rest over the furniture and other fixtures. These germs and unhealthy particles pollute the environment and even contaminate food and kitchen accessories, resulting in diseases and infections among your family members. 

Now, cleaning everything individually is a hectic job, but getting the air ducts clean is an easier task to ensure you do not have to repeatedly wipe things down around your house. Besides cleaning the air before moving into your house, getting them cleaned regularly is also a necessity to ensure a regular supply of clean air. 

  • Improves Air Conditioner’s Efficiency 

Most of the air ducts are connected with the air conditioners. With dirty air ducts, the AC unit has to work hard to meet the temperature needs. This also results in high rising electricity bills.

The clean ducts make sure that the air conditioner units work efficiently. This makes the AC’s job much easier, and the vents can distribute the cool around the house properly. 

  • Removes Bad Odours

The dirty ducts will result in unpleasant odours all over your house. You have no idea who the previous tenants of the house were and the condition that the ducts were left in, either due to pets, tobacco use inside the house, food smells, mould, paint fumes, or any other contaminants left behind. By getting them cleaned, not only can you avoid strange odours left behind in the house, but health problems and energy usage costs will improve drastically. If foul odours do reside in your house and continue to be ignored, getting rid of them becomes a stubborn matter. No air fresheners or wide open windows would serve the purpose. 

So, instead of wasting money on air fresheners, get your ducts cleaned and feel the difference. 

  • Remove Dust and Dirt

As discussed earlier, you have no idea who the previous occupant of the house was. Duct cleaning has often revealed numerous food items, toys, needles, and unimaginable things trapped in the ductwork. If the house has been empty for a long time, bacteria, dead animals, or animal droppings are likely to have accumulated in those dark, dusty passages. 

Not to forget, the new constructions also have piles of dust and debris due to the construction process.  

A new home means comfort, safety, and a new chapter in your life. So, why have these beautiful beginnings ruined with undesirable experiences? Get your air ducts cleaned before you move into your house permanently. Get the best services at affordable prices for your new home at KW Duct Cleaning Service Inc. 

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