Homeowners are always looking to enhance the look of their house and make it better and comfortable for living, and renovation provides them just that. Where a full-scale renovation becomes necessary at times to introduce significant changes, small renovations ensure that your home sweet home remains well-maintained.

Whatever sort of renovation you plan to do with your house, you might think cleaning and scrubbing the floor is all you need to do once the constructor leaves the house. But that is not correct! You must consider cleaning your house’s air ducts and HVAC system as soon as possible after a home renovation project. 

Why Clean the Air Ducts after Renovation?

Whether big or small, renovation work fills the air with dust and dirt. And, if your constructor forgets to cover the air ducts, the tiny dust particles will make their way to them as the constructor rips out the floors and cabinets, drills the walls, and plasters the walls before applying paints. 

Your HVAC, air conditioner, and heating system will suck in all these tiny particles along with the air that gets trapped in the vents and ducts. This will cause a blockage in the ducts, causing high energy bills and poor air quality if ignored. But the worst part is the health issues this situation can cause.

So, you need to have your ducts cleaned not only to get rid of that polluted air but also to remove renovation debris thoroughly from your home.

Not to forget, the debris piled up inside the vents most often contains toxic, harmful and highly flammable material. This explains why the National Air Duct Association recommends that homeowners clean the air ducts every 3 years. Post-renovation cleaning of air ducts is the answer to all these matters.

Benefits of Clean Air Ducts around the House 

The air duct system in your house circulates the air from your cooling and heating system, helping you stay warm during winters and feel relaxed during hot seasons. Also, these ducts pass through your entire house and cycle the air that you breathe. 

Now, imagine dust, debris, and tiny toxic particles filled up in your duct system after a renovation job. You cannot get fresh air in a house like that. The best course of action in this situation is looking into hiring a professional duct cleaning company to clean up your air duct system.

Create a Clean Indoor Environment

The dust produced during the renovation process travels to the vents and circulates all through the house, getting accumulated on surfaces around the house. The dust will keep getting piled up, pressing you to constantly clean and wipe up your newly decorated home.

But taking care of all this dust right after renovation will ensure your house remains free of dust and the environment stays hygienic.

Remove the Foul Odour

The dust will accumulate within the air duct system and, if ignored, will give rise to foul smells and unpleasant odours, apart from dust, moulds, and animal droppings trapped within your cooling and ventilating system that contribute to the smell. Cleaning the ducts after renovation will ensure you can introduce fresh scents back into your house.

Improves the Air Flow

Home renovation produces massive dirt and heaps of dust. All this dust will find its way to your cooling and furnace system and will eventually turn into grime. This will restrict the flow of air passing through the air ducts, forcing the system to work harder. 

Thanks to post-renovation duct cleaning, a clean air vent system will work effectively, saving you significant expenses on high electric bills.

Promotes Healthy Breathing

Surely you don’t want to live in a house refilled with contaminated air. Home renovation involves tearing down walls, scraping off paint, and may include kitchen remodeling. The dust and pollutants in the air will reach the ducts and circulate through the HVAC system, ready to enter your nose and lungs, triggering allergies, coughing, sneezing, and bronchial congestion. 

With cleaned air ducts, you and your family will breathe pure decontaminated air, reducing the risk for all these health issues.

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