As we continue to concern ourselves with quality produce and quality drinking water, we must also focus on the quality of the air we intake. We have global measures in place to combat air pollution, but what about the air inside our homes? You must look out for signs of dirty air ducts and have them cleaned as dirty air ducts can lead to pollutants mixing in with the air you breathe.

Here we will be discussing some of the major signs that are a giveaway for dirty ducts. If you can identify them, you should get in touch with a quality duct cleaning service in your area to have them cleaned.

1. Dusty Vent Covers

Vent covers are the grate-like covers that are placed over your HVAC ducts. These vent covers redirect the airflow from the ventilation system to where it is needed. Over time, your vent covers may collect dust, some of this is normal, but if you notice vent covers becoming dirty at a noticeably fast rate, you should consider having your ducts cleaned. 

2. Your Air Filters Are Clogged

Air filters are a significant part of your HVAC system; they are used to filter out dust, pollen, pet dander, and other particles from the airflow. Over time, these air filters get clogged with particles of these elements and not only cause issues with your HVAC system, but also diminish the quality of airflow. If you notice that changing out your air filters isn’t making much of a difference (as they get clogged just as quickly), it’s time you check your air ducts for cleaning. 

3. Visible Growth of Mold 

When you check your vent covers for dirt buildup, you should also check for signs of mold growth near your air ducts. Air ducts are a common place for mold to grow, usually due to warm environments paired with moisture or humidity. Poor ventilation in humid environments can trap moisture in your walls, leading to mold formation in air ducts. 

4. A Drop in Airflow

Another major sign that your air ducts need cleaning is a drop in airflow or inconsistent airflow compared to before. HVAC systems aren’t simply responsible for keeping your home warm or cool; they are also responsible for air circulation around your home. However, dirty air ducts will stop the flow of regular air circulation. You may notice temperature differences between your rooms as well; these are all signs that you need to clean your ducts to remove the blockages. 

5. Rodents and Insect Infestation

Rodents, insects, and pest infestations are also major signs that your air ducts need cleaning. Such infestations only form when they find warm, humid, or relatively closed-off areas to nest in, such as your air ducts. This can lead to the spread of airborne diseases and become a breeding home for all types of allergens and viruses/bacteria. 

6. A Surge in Electricity Bills

Are you noticing that your power bills are on the rise in strange patterns? Well, your air ducts may be the culprits. 

When your air ducts are blocked with dirt, grime, pollen, and other airborne particles, it can stop the flow of air from the heating and cooling system, as a result of which your HVAC system will use a lot more electricity to push the air forward and regulate temperatures leading to increased electricity bills. 

7. Bad Odour 

If you notice an unpleasant moldy, musty smell around your home but you can’t seem to identify the source, it may be your air duct system. This usually happens when mold or mildew builds up in your air ducts over time or due to the condensation of unwanted debris. Or it is possible to have a dead rodent in your ducts.

8. Frequently Dusty Home No Matter How Often You Clean It

One of the most common indicators of dirty air ducts is a frequently dusty home. If you notice that no matter how often you clean your home surfaces, they get coated with a layer of dust rather quickly, it means your air ducts are dirty and need to be cleaned. 

KW Duct Cleaning Services Inc.

If you have identified any of the signs mentioned above, it’s high time you contact a professional to take a look at your duct system.

The residents of Ontario can benefit by hiring one of the top-rated duct cleaning services in Ontario, KW Duct Cleaning Services Inc. Not only do we provide comprehensive, cost-effective, and reliable duct cleaning services, but have a committed team of professionals who deliver results. Contact us today and have your ducts professionally cleaned!

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